Chef in the Real World


Chef is a wonderful tool for automating the deployment of enterprise level application, but it is not perfect. From dealing with SQL Server clusters and multiple configurations for the same service to multiple bus and multiple environment machines, the real world is much more than “Hello World” programs. In this talk, I will discuss how my team worked to implement chef to deploy a legacy enterprise level application. The wrong paths we took and how we eventually straightened them out. I hope after this session, you come with a greater appreciation of what it means to deploy your application and how Chef can help you do it.

Speaker – Jerrel Blankenship

Jerrel is a software craftsman specializing in Microsoft technologies. He’s developed .NET projects spanning from traditional desktop to web and mobile apps. He’s a big proponent of agile development and spends his time working with and teaching developers who want to learn to build software more effectively. He’s literally written the the book about agile .NET development (Pro Agile .NET Development with SCRUM, Apress, 2011). When he’s not being a developer he invests his time and energy into his family, fishing, chess, Cleveland sports teams and gaming. You can read Jerrel’s ramblings at