Turbocharge Your AngularJS Apps


AngularJS helps developers create powerful client-side, single page applications. One of its benefits is its ability to automatically detect changes to your models and propagate them to the rest of the application’s views and to any subscribed listeners. Creating templates, controllers, and reusable components, with some learning, can become a breeze and joy to implement. But if you’re not careful, your application will fail to scale as it gets more and more complex. In this presentation I’ll share with you the lessons I learned when I first worked with AngularJS and the steps I took one year later to ensure that this internal application for a national retail chain will stand the test of time. This session will cover AngularJS application performance and the techniques and tools you can apply to optimize your apps going forward. Angular version 1.x will be used and basic concepts, such as scopes will be quickly covered before diving in.

Speaker - Mario Vargas

Mario is Principal Consultant at Cardinal Solutions, specializing in both front-end Web development and ASP.NET, with over 16 years of experience. He is passionate about applying good industry practices, working with testable and self-documenting code, mentoring, and learning from others. He has presented on test-driven development & design in numerous occasions. At one time, he co-led a client workshop on TDD and Modern Development Practices. He also developed and delivered an entire training curriculum on the C# programming language to help advance the adoption of .NET among developers new to the framework. When he is not writing software, he is very interested in theoretical and particle physics, astronomy, paleontology, anthropology and apologetics. Occasionally, you will hear him make analogies using principles of quantum mechanics and relativity in order to convey his message.