CONDG Presents Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin

The Central Ohio .Net Developers Group is excited to invite you to a special speaker event this October.
Internationally known author and speaker Robert Martin will be presenting his talk “Principles, Patterns, and Practices -- A decade of progress.”
The last ten years have seen remarkable progress in software development technology.  This progress includes design principles, design patterns, and agile practices.  This keynote summarizes and integrates these areas of progress, describes some of the accomplishments and failures, and then looks to what might be next.
This special event will be held on Thursday, October 16th, 2014 at 5:30 PM at the Marcus Crosswoods Cinema located at 200 Hutchinson Ave, Columbus, OH 43235.
Registration is required to attend and we are asking for a small $5 donation to TechCorps Columbus.
The URL to register is:
Registration is open now and spaces is limited so do not hesitate to get your ticket for this informative presentation!
About Robert Martin
Robert C. Martin, aka, Uncle Bob has been a software professional since 1970 and an international software consultant since 1990. He has worked in various capacities on hundreds of software projects. In 2001, he initiated the meeting of the group that created Agile Software Development from Extreme Programming techniques and served as the first chairman of the Agile Alliance.  He is also a leading member of the Worldwide Software Craftsmanship Movement - Clean Code. 

He has authored "landmark" books on Agile Programming, Extreme Programming, UML, Object-Oriented Programming, C++ Programming and most recently Clean Code and Clean Coder.
He has written, directed and produced numerous "Code Casts" videos for software professionals.

Robert has published dozens of articles in various trade journals, and is a regular speaker at international conferences and trade shows.
About Central Ohio .Net Developers Group
The Central Ohio .NET Developers Group, a registered Ohio non-profit corporation, has education as its primary mission. The group exists to provide a forum for Central Ohio area technologists to learn and share information about Microsoft .NET technologies, industry practices, and other software development related topics.
About TechCorps
TECH CORPS develops technology programs and deploys tech-savvy talent to assist K-12 students and teachers. TECH CORPS programs are not computer literacy programs but instead programs that empower students to become active creators and designers with technology versus passive consumers and users. TECH CORPS offers its Signature Programs and also works with partners to develop regional programs based on community need or sponsor preference.

July 24th Lightning Talks

Once again we are very excited to announce that this July 24th we will be hosting an all Lightning Talk meeting and you can be one of the presenters!

What are Lightning Talks?

A Lightning Talk is a short 10 to 15 minute presentation on a single topic or idea. Several talks will be presented in a row to the audience.

Who can give a Lightning Talk?

We allow anyone to give a talk on any technical topic that they are interested in and would like to share with the .Net community. No previous speaking experience is required!

If you have never given a talk before, doing a Lightning Talk is a great way to get started. You can try your hand at public speaking without having to put together a full length presentation.

For seasoned speakers, Lightning Talks are a nice way to test out new material and ideas in front of an audience.

All you need to do is pick a topic you would like to present and put together a few slides and short demos that can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in doing a Lightning Talk, please send an email to with your topic by Monday July 21st.

We have room for 6 speakers and it is first come, first serve. Hurry and submit your talks now!