March 2017 Meeting Update

Hello CONDG Members! Due to circumstances out of our control, we are unable to use our regular meeting location at the Microsoft Office for tonight’s meeting. For tonights meeting please come join us at the ICC office which you can find just off the Cleveland Ave exit of 270 on... [Read More]

March 2017 - Stop Writing Secure Code! (Start Building Secure Frameworks)

Topic Stop Writing Secure Code! (Start Building Secure Frameworks) The best way to build secure systems is to stop writing security-related code on a daily basis. Developers have their hands full with complex business rules, technical edge cases, responsive UIs, etc. Security requirements are repetitive to implement, hard to test,... [Read More]

January 2017 - Visual Studio...What’s Coming in 2017

Topic Visual Studio…What’s Coming in 2017 Abstract Every day, developers are faced with new challenges for assimilating technology, developing and deploying applications with ever newer technologies and changing architectural approaches. Visual Studio 2017 looks to streamline the flow of code to deployment from fundamental tasks like unit tests to challenging... [Read More]

Christmas Party for Microsoft User Groups

Columbus OH has 4 major User Groups focused on Microsoft technologies: Central Ohio .NET User Group The Windows Developer User Group Central Ohio Azure User Group Buckeye SharePoint User Group This year, all 4 User Groups come together for an EPIC Christmas Party! What’s in store - Networking Board Games... [Read More]