September 2016 - Turbocharge Your AngularJS Apps

Topic Turbocharge Your AngularJS Apps Abstract AngularJS helps developers create powerful client-side, single page applications. One of its benefits is its ability to automatically detect changes to your models and propagate them to the rest of the application’s views and to any subscribed listeners. Creating templates, controllers, and reusable components,... [Read More]

August 2016 - Intro to Azure Machine Learning: Predict Who Survives the Titanic

Topic Intro to Azure Machine Learning: Predict Who Survives the Titanic Abstract Interested in doing machine learning in the cloud?  In this demo-heavy talk, I will set the stage with some information on the different types of machine learning (clustering, classification, regression, and anomaly detection) supported by Azure Machine Learning... [Read More]

July 2016 – Lightning Talks

Once again we are very excited to announce that this July 28th we will be hosting an all Lightning Talk meeting and you can be one of the presenters! What are Lightning Talks? A Lightning Talk is a short 10 to 15 minute presentation on a single topic or idea.... [Read More]

June 2016–More Personal Computing with Smart APIs

Topic More Personal Computing with Smart APIs Abstract With the explosion of the cloud comes the explosion of compute power to solve complex problems. We have been playing with artificial intelligence for many years. Cloud services are now powerful enough that you can begin to build AI into your applications... [Read More]