ASP.NET Ubiquity – Building MVC Web Applications, everywhere, with .NET Core


Microsoft has released .NET Core for ALL of the major OSes! In addition to the launch of the new cross-platform Visual Studio Code IDE, the new .NET Core compilers allow anyone on OS X, Linux, and Windows to build .NET applications. ASP.NET Core extends this platform to MVC Web applications and the new Kestrel web server allows every platform to host them.

This demo will cover the setup, scaffolding, and building of a new ASP.NET MVC web application on OS X in Visual Studio Code. We will demo the new Kestrel web server and how it fits into the developer environment. Finally, we will demonstrate how an existing .NET developer can transition to the new platform and environments.

Speaker - Michael Baltic

Michael Baltic is a Principal Consultant in Cardinal’s Columbus office. He is an experienced Mobile and Cloud Developer and loves to share his experiences with the development community. No matter the platform or technology, Michael loves to build apps!