December 2017 - Holiday Party / Meetup

Columbus OH has 4 major User Groups focused on Microsoft technologies: Central Ohio .NET User Group The Windows Developer User Group Central Ohio Azure User Group Buckeye SharePoint User Group Again this year, all 4 User Groups come together for an EPIC Christmas Party! What’s in store – Networking |... [Read More]

October 2017 - Design for Non-Designers from a Non-Designer

Topic Design for Non-Designers from a Non-Designer Abstract Elegant design requires talent, but talent is not a prerequisite for avoiding bad design. If you lack artistic touch and prefer rules and logic over the ethereal art form, the fundamental tenets of composition can enable you to apply Design as a... [Read More]

September 2017 - 5 Popular Choices for NoSQL on a Microsoft Platform

Topic 5 Popular Choices for NoSQL on a Microsoft Platform Abstract If you are thinking of trying out a NoSQL document database, there are many good options available to Microsoft-oriented developers. In this session, we’ll compare some of the more popular databases, including: CosmosDb, Couchbase, MongoDb, CouchDb, and RavenDb. We’ll... [Read More]

August 2018 - Real-time Apps with SignalR Core

Topic Real-time Apps with SignalR Core Abstract SignalR has been around for a few years now, and is considered a go-to for developers working on real-time web applications. With the release of ASP.NET Core Version 1.2 (Q2 2017), .NET developers will be able to utilize SignalR for the first time... [Read More]

July 2017 - Flying High with Xamarin!

Topic Flying High with Xamarin! Abstract Cross-platform mobile development has been democratized for .NET developers – thanks to Xamarin & Microsoft. Let’s build a cool aviation app together – targeting all platforms from the comforts of Visual Studio on Windows or Mac. Real world apps need cloud data connectivity, navigation,... [Read More]