September 2018 - JetBrains Rider Tips and Tricks: Getting more out of your development time


JetBrains Rider Tips and Tricks: Getting more out of your development time


Rider is a new cross-platform .NET IDE from JetBrains. In this talk we’re going to spend 50 minutes seeing how you can be productive and work efficiently using the keyboard, focusing on the task at hand and not being distracted by the environment. We’ll learn how to maximize the tool for your .NET and web development needs, as well as learn some hidden tips and tricks.

Speaker - Chris Woodruff

Chris Woodruff (or Woody as he is commonly known as) has a degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University’s College of Engineering. Woody has been developing and architecting software solutions for almost 15 years and has worked in many different platforms and tools. He is a community leader, helping such events as GRDevNight, GRDevDay, West Michigan Day of .NET and CodeMash. He was also instrumental in bringing the popular Give Camp event to Western Michigan where technology professionals lend their time and development expertise to assist local non-profits. As a speaker and podcaster, Woody has spoken and discussed a variety of topics, including database design and open source. He has been a Microsoft MVP in Visual C#, Data Platform and SQL and was recognized in 2010 as one of the top 20 MVPs world-wide. Woody owns and leads Woodruff Solutions LLC to provide solutions involving mobile apps and the services that drive mobile solutions.


Thursday, 9/27/2018, 6:00 – 8:00pm


Please come join us at the ICC office which you can find just off the Cleveland Ave exit of 270 on the northeast side of town.

Google Map of 2500 Corporate Exchange Dr, Columbus, OH 43231

Information Control Company
2500 Corporate Exchange Drive
Columbus, OH 43231

Networking / Geek Dinner

O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar
6285 Cleveland Ave
Columbus, OH 43231

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