May 2017 - Microservices on Azure Service Fabric: What, How, and Why


Microservices on Azure Service Fabric: What, How, and Why


Over the last year, Azure Service Fabric has matured and become a fantastic option for businesses and developers seeking highly available solutions with requirements that cannot be met by standard Azure Services, or are looking to build or modify applications to better manage scalable services.
Let’s talk about how you can take advantage of Service Fabric to build a robust application consisting of small, independent services that scale rapidly and easily. We’ll discuss the microservice approach in development (it’s not just SOA!), how Service Fabric makes this implementation easy, and finally the pros and cons of building your application in Service Fabric.

Speaker - Jon Fairchild

Jon Fairchild is a Principal Consultant at Cardinal Solutions’ Columbus, Ohio, branch. He works with several technologies in the Application Development practice at Cardinal Solutions, including Sharepoint, Sitecore CMS, Azure/cloud, and many custom projects. His past includes a decade doing server/network infrastructure management before shifting the last 8 years into development in Angular, PHP, Java, and the Microsoft Stack. As a former Microsoft Certified Trainer and avid presenter, he brings a passion for finding the coolest new technology and sharing that knowledge.


Thursday, 5/25/2017, 6:00 – 8:00pm


Microsoft Office – Columbus

Networking / Geek Dinner

Please join us for a geek dinner after the meeting at The Pub at 1554 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio 43240.

Meeting Sponsor

Our May sponsor is Cardinal Solutions! Thank you!

Cardinal Solutions

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