March 2018 - Chrome Developer Tools: Raiding the Armory


Chrome Developer Tools: Raiding the Armory


The Chrome Developer Tools are absolutely packed with features. Some are incredibly useful. Some are just plain surprising. For example: Turn the browser into an editor, fuzzy search source filenames, display data in the console in tabular format and much, much more. In this session, we will fix up the storefront for Wacky Wanda’s Wicked Weapons and learn some console wizardry in the process. In the course of our tribulations we will correct styling problems, enhance our debugging skills, and clean up server-side snafus.

Speaker - Greg Malcolm

Greg is an Application Developer/Consultant working for ICC. He is a polyglot developer who loves experimenting with new languages and frameworks. In recent years he’s been focussing more and more on Javascript related frameworks. If you’re wondering about the accent, everyone speaks like this in the southern foothills of Columbus.


Thursday, 3/22/2018, 6:00 – 8:00pm


We are again not meeting at the Microsoft Office.

Please come join us at the ICC office which you can find just off the Cleveland Ave exit of 270 on the northeast side of town.

Google Map of 2500 Corporate Exchange Dr, Columbus, OH 43231

Information Control Company
2500 Corporate Exchange Drive
Columbus, OH 43231

Networking / Geek Dinner

We are looking for suggestions of where to go

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